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Quantity Surveyor Salary and Employment

A quantity surveyor goes by many different names, including construction cost consultant and a commercial manager. While the name may vary, the job is the same. A quantity surveyor is an individual that manages all costs that are related to building projects. Ideally, they seek to minimize costs while creating quality projects. The quality that they strive for in their projects is defined by standard building regulations and by their clients expectations. The surveyor’s final report which is based on architectural drawings, estimated labor, and materials required, helps the client determine the final expenses.

Quantity surveyors help advise their clients by analyzing costs and finding the best values for materials and contracts. They also have to figure out the costs of repairs and maintenance work. This means they have to assess risk factors so that they can accurately determine the costs of repairs. Being up to date with safety and risk regulations is a big part of their job.

quantity surveyor salary and employmentTheir work includes everything from residential housing, office buildings, stadiums, hospitals, and other large building projects. They often have several projects going at one time which they manage on site or from an office. Being able to delegate work and multi-task are important qualities that help good quantity surveyors be successful individuals. Having strong people skills is imperative, as they work with many people in a variety of different positions. Strong mathematical skills are a must as well because a large majority of the work involves accounting. Being able to lead is important, but so is being a team player. The ability to plan ahead and stay organized are important qualities of a quantity surveyor.

The average salary range of a quantity surveyor that has been in the position for one to four years is $33,000 to $60,000 a year. For contractors, this pay is usually hourly with occasional extra allowances for different projects. Many companies provide a company car, or give extra allowance for mileage used to travel to different project sites. Owning a private practice changes things significantly, and pay is based entirely on projects. Hours can range from 7-9 hours a day, and may include some weekend work.

Quantity surveyors are generally hired by contractors, project managers and developers. As mentioned before, they could be hired on to do projects that range from home extensions to a block of office buildings. No project will ever be the same, which can make this an exciting career.

Entry into this career is possible without a degree by working up through the field. Most employers however prefer a degree. Graduates don't necessarily have to have their degree in quantity surveying, though it will help them advance their career more quickly. Those with degrees that do not relate to quantity surveying need certain certifications and training. There are some companies that will help fund part time specialized education. Employers look for certain traits which include a very deep understanding of past and current building laws so that they may satisfy standard building regulations. Being able to handle legal issues is an important part of the job, but they also prefer candidates who are aware of old and new building technology. Being aware of what the current issues of the industry are, as well as knowing who's who in the industry are also great boosters for a career in quantity surveying. Strong management skills will also help an individual go far in their career.

There is a strong demand for quantity surveyors today. Because there is a lack of people with the appropriate qualifications and skills, receiving a degree in quantity surveying could ensure employment in this position. Every building project requires a quantity surveyor, so there will always be demand for this career. This career can go in many different directions so it’s sure to lead to a diverse and satisfying time on the job.

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